Upcoming Events

Island Cup Enduro

Trail Work

Several times a year, HIMBA, working closely with the HIRRA Parks Steering Committee, plan Trail Work Days. We invite all our members and anyone who loves our trails to come out and lend a hand. Its a fun, satisfying day to have remade a section of trail better than before. Keep your eyes on this page and your email inbox for upcoming opportunities.

Annual No Horses Shootout

Every year they gather, bringing their bikes, their dreams, their need for a little fun in the forest.

It all started one extremely rainy spring day when the owners of the local bike shop were looking for a fun thing to do. “Let’s race, rain or shine, on our fastest section of trail,” they said. With a reluctant girlfriend manning the stopwatch under an umbrella, Jer, Irah and Florian laid the first tracks in what was to become an annual rip through the woods.

  • May Long Weekend Sunday
  • High Noon
  • Top of Strachan Road
  • Chris & Brad’s Trail and No Horses Trail
  • Best time of Two Runs
  • No Fee, No Insurance, No Turning Back!
  • Ride at Your Own Risk!

It’s now eleven years later and the race is still going strong. Riders from around the province, the continent and even the world have participated. It’s all for some bragging rights and a chance to really see how fast you can go.

This year is looking to be better than ever! 2018 No Horses Shootout

Other events

From time to time HIMBA members get up enough steam to produce a full-fledged Bike Race. The last one was The Hornby Spring Classic in 2011. It was a two-day event consisting of a cross-country race, downhill race and kids event. The XC race saw 150 participants racing one, two or three laps on a 14 kilometre course and the DH had 46 participants tackling a six kilometre course. The kids’ race was very well received with over twenty kids in four categories taking on a one kilometre loop.

Perhaps this year or next we will all come together to put on a race. If you would like to volunteer to lead the charge let us know.