Our selfless volunteer board members.

1. President: Jennifer Armstrong @

2. Vice President: Jayne Hays @

3. Secretary:  Will Wood Mcdolnell@

4. Treasurer: Peggy Kabush @

Members at Large :

  • 5. Rob White
  • 6. Tom Rutherford
  • 7. Taio Samuel
  • 8. Cam Duke

Executive Director: Tig Cross @

The HIMBA board has formalized the way that we will elect new members to the board. We have a board of 9 members, and each year, at the AGM, three of those 9 positions will be open to election. Our hope is that this will engender some built-in changeover and new energy while maintaining sufficient continuity of our board and institutional memory. At next year’s AGM board positions 3, 6 & 9 will be up for election.  The following year it will be positions 2, 5 & 8, and at 2024’s AGM it will be 1, 4 & 7.

To run for a board position you must have been a HIMBA member for at least 3 months, or have this requirement waived by vote of a majority of the existing board.