HIMBA Trail Character List

In the Spring and Summer of 2020, HIMBA members embarked on a Trail Character Designation project. The goal was to provide guidance to those who take on trail maintenance and improvement projects so that they would know how far they could go with changes to trails. We encourage those of you who would like to head out and improve your favorite trail to check with the document first to make sure that your intentions match the designated character of the trail you plan to work on.

Character Modifiable/Fixed definitions:
If a trial is designated as Character Modifiable, it may be improved with berms, jumps and the speed may be increased, however, intersections should not have their speed increased, and the usual erosion prevention standards should be observed Also, modifications should not change the skill level of the trail (don’t put a Black Diamond gap jump in the middle of a Blue trail).

If a trail is designated as Character Fixed, it may be repaired, root armored & given erosion prevention measures such as waterbars, but it care should be taken to not change the nature of the trail with regard to speed, flow, or jumps.

a PDF version of this sheet can be found here

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