Welcome to the home of the Hornby Island Mountain Bike Association. We have a lot going on: HIMBA co-ordinates volunteer trail building and maintenance days;  looks after the MTB Skills Center at Joe King Park; distributes the trail map for Hornby Island, and every now and again, puts on one of the best bike races in Canada. Check the left sidebar for our latest activity.


Dear HIMBA Members,

As you may have heard, HIMBA was removed from the Mt Geoffrey accident lawsuit back in December, and we were able to resume normal operations. We appreciate your patience and support during such a challenging time. With this matter now resolved, we are eager to refocus our efforts on member activities and trail building! 

New Membership System

We are formalizing our membership system and have set up an on-line membership sign-up and payment system. Membership costs will be low, only $20/person per year. Membership funds will be used specifically to offset the cost of insurance. Fortunately, HIMBA generates revenue through our other fund-raising efforts, local races and events (like the upcoming Enduro), and selling HIMBA swag at the summer Hornby farmers market. This allows us to keep membership fees low.

Here are a few great reasons for becoming a HIMBA member:

  • you love riding Hornby’s trails
  • you want to ride well-maintained trails when you’re here
  • you want to help keep the HIMBA board and volunteers insured when working on the trails
  • you want to join in trail maintenance days
  • you’re generally stoked about MTB’ing on Hornby & want to keep the good vibes rolling!  

To become a HIMBA member, please sign up for your membership here

A short documentary video made by Jesse Devost chronicling BikeFest 5 which took place in Strachan Valley on Hornby Island in 1995
Two Years later we made another documentary about BikeFest 1997