Jeremy Payne

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Founding Member of HIMBA, Established the No Horses Shootout Race, Former Owner of the Hornby Island Bike Shop Spearheaded the creation of the HIMBA BikePark at Joe King

Island Cup Enduro

Hornby Island was host to a stop on the Island Cup Enduro Circuit on July 8th.  HIMBA presented the event and the riders were blown away by our trails and agreed that the organization and atmosphere were among the best they had seen all year. Several Hornby riders took part […]

Dirt Surfers Women’s Group Ride

Our Hornby Island women’s mountain biking group actively schedules weekly rides most of the year. We bike the trails for fun, fitness and adventure and we support each other in learning new technical skills while building our riding confidence and stamina. We welcome new members of all levels and are […]