Trail Work Day : Dual Slalom : Sunday June 3, 2018

After a bit of a hiatus, it’s time to get back at it. The last session was completing the upgrade to Toad’s Ride back in February. A big thanks to all who showed up including Sasha and Amy’s kids who were awesome…never too young to contribute. As a result of that and the previous work party efforts, Toad’s is even flowier and there’s no standing water to slog through during the winter months.

Next Sunday, June 3rd, the focus will be to groom the Dual Slalom with weedeaters and fan rakes. Yana will try to get the roadway cleared this week so that a vehicle can drive equipment out there. The Dual Slalom itself is in good shape and won’t require the extra effort of last year’s clearing of the monster tree that wiped out one of the upper burmed corners.

As well, we will take the heavier duty weed eaters and clear out the pathway to Genuine Draft and then build some boardwalks [as time and materials allow] through the wet spots. We will be using some donated cedar decking, fastened onto cedar log stringers that will be cut from the forest beyond the pond [standing dead smaller cedars]. If anyone has any cedar material that they would be willing to donate, let me know. It’s a long boggy stretch that eventually would be great to have all board walked.

Another two-person job that would be good to get done is to whack down the nettles further along Genuine Draft. If you arrive on your bike, you might be enlisted for that one! It’s low tech…just grab a long, light branch and start swinging!

Useful tools to bring include light and heavy duty weed eaters, fan and steel tine rakes. Please let me know if you can bring a weed eater.

Meet at the end of Strachan Rd at 12 pm.

Tom will supply a small number of beverages to keep you all hydrated.