Minutes of HIMBA 2023 AGM

Hornby Island Mountain Bike Association 2023 Annual General Meeting – Jan 24, 2024

(This meeting was technically for the 2023 year but had been postponed due to a legal matter, now resolved.)

Meeting commenced at 7:30 pm via zoom. In attendance were Jayne Heys, Tig Cross, Jennifer Armstrong, Peggy Kabush, Tom Rutherford, Rob Zielinski, Rob White, Steve Gillespie, Alan Fletcher, Jeremy Payne and Cam Duke.

Approval of 2022 AGM Minutes – Motioned by Tig and approved as read by Jennifer and Peggy

Approval of the agenda for the 2023 AGM meeting – Motioned by Jennifer and approved by Jeremy and Cam

Summation of legal matter – Tig explained how the HIMBA board had dissolved because of the lawsuit and was subsequently released from the lawsuit. Can’t express our gratitude for the lawyer who represented HIMBA, Robert Kennedy. The lawsuit has now since been settled. HIMBA board was reinstated.

Presidents Report – Jennifer acknowledged that the land HIMBA operates on is territorial land from our First Nations. Reflecting on how the last two years have been tumultuous with the lawsuit and how grateful we are to have had Robert Kennedy as our lawyer. Gratitude to Tom for all his work with the trails. Very excited about the two new trails developed this past year. Looking forward to an exciting new year.

Treasurer Report – Peggy went over purchases from the year, wheelbarrow, tools, maps and the new sign at Joe King. Purchases totaled $3252.26. Also, zoom and web accounts cost $886, and gifts purchased for Ryan and Brett cost $2751.15. Labour cost on Joe Ride totaled $3291.87. HIMBA received funds in the amount of $1588.50 from donations, $821.96 from sales of merchandise and donations from map sales was $2140.62. The balance remaining is $18104.15. Approval of the treasurer’s report motioned by Tig, approved by all in attendance.

Member Outreach Committee Report – Jayne has stepped down as chair of MOC and Tig will take over temporarily.

Market – Rob White discussed the upcoming summer market. He would like four volunteers to each take a two-week section of the summer. July is covered by Rob and Jayne, need to fill August. These volunteers would be responsible for either working the market for four shifts or delegating the job to someone else and overseeing it. Rob wants to purchase new socks and T-shirts, changing the design slightly and colour as well. He also wants to discuss with Lucy at the bike shop, the possibility of selling HIMBA merchandise there.

Insurance – Tig has been in contact with UROC and others to determine what insurance company HIMBA should investigate. He has found that Rachella Pollock at Acera Insurance seems to have the insurance coverage that we will require. They have a mountain bike-specific policy that covers all members, trail workers,  as well as board members for any possible litigation. There are two different options and the least expensive one looks like the one that will work best for HIMBA. Expects that HIMBA will have insurance by the end of March 2024. The cost will be roughly $1400 – $1500 per year with the additional cost of approximately $200 – $300 per event.

Membership Formalization – Tig explained that for insurance to be effective, HIMBA will have to formalize memberships. Will have to create a waiver and charge a nominal fee to make memberships official. Planning to be able to do memberships online as well as possibly one or two days outside the co-op. Approval of the M.O.C report motioned by Jennifer and accepted by Alan and Cam

Trail Works Committee Report/CVRD Parks and Trails Committee Liaison Report– Tom updated us about the two new trails, Double Cross and Fairy Slippers. He enjoyed working with the smaller groups to get these trails built, as well as the collaboration with Martin Ready and Case. There were roughly 120 person-hours on the trail work done this year. HIMBA greatly contributed to the bridge building on Double Cross. CVRD provides most of the funds required for the trail building of Double Cross initiated by Daniel May. Upgrades were done this past year on quite a few trails plus new bridges put in. Plans for 2024 include upgrades to French Connection, Milos Meadow and addressing the wet spots by the depot and on Waltons. Approval of the Trails committee report motioned by Jennifer and approved by Tig and Jayne.

Bike Park Skills Committee Report – Steve gave a recap of the work that was completed on Joe Ride. Its being used regularly and all seems to be fine at the time. No work is needed other than a few days of weed-whacking and raking this summer. Ryan was instrumental in working on Joe Ride. Approval of the Race committee report motioned by Jennifer and approved by Tig and Cam.

Race Committee Report – Tig is planning on the Enduro happening on June 15th or 16th. Need to get insurance sorted out as well as figuring out how to host the event in conjunction with the tenants living there.

New Business – No new business

Elections –  Due to the dissolution of HIMBA last year there is no need to hold elections this year as effectively there was a pause in service from the board members. Board members are all willing gto hold positions for this year. Elections will be held at the next AGM in November 2024.

Next Board meeting to be held in April and next AGM to be held in November.

No executive meeting is required following this AGM.

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