2019 No Horse Shootout Results

It’s been 12 years and everyone is still stoked!

We had a near-record turn out this Sunday! 41 riders total, with a huge representation of locals. The category breakdowns were 16 Youth, 5 Women, and 20 Men. Barring some minor technical hitches with the radios and a single crash, the event ran very smoothly!

The one crash of the day was right in front of the viewing gallery and, from the sounds of the crowd, he was up and riding quickly. Unfortunately, his prize for the day was a dislocated finger, but talk about a great story to share!

Much thanks to all the participants, especially those who were trying racing for the first time, and rode hard despite pre-race jitters! Also a huge shout out to the volunteers, Peggy and Rob. Rob whipped at the top and handled the technical difficulties like a professional. I couldn’t have done it without the high energy Jody running Registration and the Finish Line.

This year the locals really showed their chops and claimed nearly all the podium spots. In the Youth group, we had Dexter in third, with Cazmer coming second barely a few hundredths of a second behind Kody in first place. In the Women’s category, our very own Jill Candlish captured third after Megan in second, and with a smoking fast time to put her in first, Taio! The men’s category offered fewer surprises, but some really fast racing. Will Wood-McDonnell pulled third by barely a few hundredths of a second in front of a prior course record-holder, Kees Vandervalk. Taking second with a blistering time, Brett Martens defended his silver from last year. Capturing the gold again this year was returning champion, Jody Rutherford! Well done everyone!

Check out all the results below!

NameCategoryRun 1Run 2Final TimePlace
Arley PethickYouth02:02.101:50.501:50.54
Arlo AtkinsonYouth01:52.501:51.401:51.45
Eli SYouth02:02.002:01.602:01.67
Ben PYouth02:19.602:14.202:14.28
Eli PYouth02:25.802:19.602:19.69
Alex RYouth02:25.902:20.802:20.810
Owen RYouth02:44.302:37.802:37.812
Jill CandlishWomen02:04.702:02.702:02.73
Jody RutherfordMen01:32.201:32.21
Brett MartensMen01:33.101:33.12
Will MacDonnellMen01:38.201:38.23
Kees VandervalkMen01:38.701:38.74
Nigel FletcherMen01:39.601:39.65
Dan OMen01:39.701:44.101:39.76
Tig CrossMen01:46.001:41.901:41.97
Ben MMen01:42.401:42.48
Rob WhiteMen01:44.001:44.09
Dean SamuelsMen01:47.101:45.601:45.611
Ebben WalmsleyMen01:45.801:45.812
Dave PMen01:49.201:49.213
Dave GMen01:52.101:52.115
Tom RutherfordMen01:52.101:52.116
Aaron RMen01:55.401:55.417
Yana PethickMen02:00.002:00.018
Mike HMen02:20.002:20.020

Thanks for coming to play in the woods and we’re looking forward to seeing you there next year!

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