BikeFest 2019, June 15-16

Artwork by Cory Harrison

BikeFest 2019 INFO

The historic BikeFest had 4 separate Mountain Bike events, Cross Country, Down Hill, Trials, and Dual Slalom–all crammed into one weekend. It was a lot of fun, but pretty hectic. It’s been thirty years since the first BikeFest in 1989, and we’ve learned much in that time. To celebrate the 30th anniversary we’re going to present another BikeFest, but this time it will be different…

BikeFest 2019 will see all of those separate events rolled into one super fun two-day Stage Race (actually it will be like a cross between a Stage Race and an Enduro with a Short Track XC and Dual Slalom race thrown in). Participants will pay a single entry fee and get two days of racing with seven stages for experts and 6 for Intermediate and Beginner. If you make the Dual Slalom elimination rounds you will get even more racing. Riders will take part in all stages, using the same bike and setup, and at the end of the weekend we will crown the best overall riders the Kings and Queens of the mountain.


The Stages:

  • Stage One – Dual Slalom Qualifier runs. riders will race against the clock one at at a time on the BikeFest Dual Course. Average run time is about 1.5 min. The fastest 8 times most categories will qualify for the Dual Slalom Elimination rounds later that afternoon (top 4 in Recreational Women).
  • Stage Two – Trials. A short, mostly downhill, timed technical run with obstacles like skinnies, logs, etc. There will be ride-around routes that will allow less skilled riders to avoid the obstacles at the cost of a longer distance. Winning will be based solely on times, there will be no dab scoring.
  • Stage Three – Short Track Cross Country. Riders will race against the pack on an exiting 7-10 minute route around Stachan valley that will have a good mix of open field, double track and single track. Points will be awarded based on placing, One point for 1st, Two for 2nd etc. Laps: Youth and Recreational Categories will do 2 laps. Intermediate and Expert will do three laps.
  • Bonus Stage-Dual Slalom Elimination Rounds – The top 8 times in most categories from the morning’s qualifying runs will go on to race two at a time in head-to-head bracket elimination rounds (top 4 in Recreational Women). Racing will take place on the BikeFest Dual, downhill track that starts with each rider in their own lane for the first 30 meters, brings them together on a double wide bermed track for abut 400 meters, and then separates them out again for the last 100 meters of slalom gates. Each round will see one rider advance to the next round, and one retire.

Day two stages.

  • Stages 4 – will start on Hot Rims, then to Ozzmossis, Lox’s Bagel, a little bit of Northwind, onto Yeoman’s then turn onto South Spasm and finish on Spasm Chasm.
  • Stages 5 – will start at the intersection of Far Side and Purgatory and go down Purgatory. From there it crosses Northwind and plunges down Bitch’n Camaro and finishes at the bottom of Slick Rock.
  • Stage 6 – Expert category only -Expert riders will take on the Black Diamond Trail, “Yer Mom” in timed runs.
  • Stage 7 – The Long Downhill. Riders will start from the peak of Mt. Geoffrey on Devils Kitchen trail, bomb down Four Dead Aliens to Tadpole, then onto Chris and Brad’s and finish on No Horses Trail.

The Scoring

We’re going to use chip timing like an Enduro, but final scoring will be based on your placing in each stage, not your overall time. The idea is to level out the importance of each stage, making the short stages worth the same as the longer ones. The goal is to have the least number of points at the end of the weekend.
As an example: if your time on Stage One–Dual Slalom Qualifying–puts you in 1st place, you will pick up one point. if you placed 7th in Stage 2–Trials–that’s seven more points added to your score. Your 12th place in Stage three, the Short Track XC, will add twelve points, etc. The lowest score at the end of the weekend are the overall king and queen of the mountain winner. In addition we will recognize the top placings in each of the BikeFest sections. In all of the years BikeFest took place, we only ever had one person do all four events. That was Kevin Shealer, and we dubbed him “king of the Mountain for his efforts.


BikeFest 2019 will take place June 15-16 in Strachan Valley on Hornby Island.

Race Registation

There are only 200 spots, sorry we’re not trying to be exclusive, it’s a matter of logistics. We only have access to 200 timing chips through the island Cup Timing system and we want to make sure that there’s enough time for all riders to complete all sections without feeling rushed.
It will be pre-registration only, through Webscore, hosted by the Island Cup Series. REGISTER HERE Entry fee will be $75 and $45 for youth. That will get you two days of racing & a complimentary BBQ dinner on Saturday and hot dog/vegi dog lunch on Sunday.
You can also prepay for an additional meal package for a guest on the registration page


Youth – ages 8 to 12 – Youth will only do one stage on Sunday
Recreational Men
Recreational Women – Recreational Women will only do two stages on Sunday
Intermediate Men
Intermediate Women
Expert Men
Expert Women
Master Men (50+)
Master Women (50+

Kids Races: There will be free kids races on Sunday. They will do a short corss country point-to-point race and then a mini Dual Slalom. Categories will be: 6-7 years old, 8-9 years old, 10-11 years old and 12-13 years old. Registration for the kids races will take place on site.


There will be awards for the overall winners in each category, and also recognition for the top riders in each of the BikeFest sections. We will also have draw prizes.



  • 9AM-10:30AM Rider check in
  • 10:45AM Racer meeting
  • 11:00AM-1:00 PM. Stage 1 – Dual Slalom Qualifier runs – We’ll roll out the categories in 20 minute intervals from the barn:
    • 11:00 Youth, Recreation & all Women’s categories
    • 11:20 Intermediate Men
    • 11:40 Expert Men
  • 11:15 AM-2 PM. Stage 2 – Trials stage – Single run down the Trials stage. Riders will go directly from their DS qualifier to the Trials stage
  • 2 PM-4:15 PM. Stage 3 – Short Track XC – (start times are approximate).
    • 2:00 Youth – 1 lap
    • 2:15 – Expert Women 4 Laps, Masters Women, Masters Men – 3 laps
    • 2:45 – Rec Men, Rec Women, –2 laps, Intermediate Women – 3 laps
    • 3:15 – Intermediate Men – 3 laps
    • 3:45 – Expert Men – 4 laps
  • 4:30 PM. Dual Slalom Elimination Rounds – Qualifier results will be posted at the barn. The Top 8 in each category accept Master Men and Master Women will qualify. Master Men and Master Women will be the top 4. Faster qualifier gets lane choice.
  • 7:30 PM – Food, Daily results and Podiums
  • 8:30 PM – Opening music act Nick Gubby followed by The Rudiments.


  • 10:00 AM – Racer meeting
  • 10:30 AM – Downhill stages. 4 stages for Expert, 3 for Intermediate, 2 for Rec, 1 for Youth.
    • Youths: #1 – Stage 7, Devils Kitchen
    • Rec: #1 – Stage 4, Hot rims • #2 – Stage 7, Devils Kitchen
    • Int/Master: #1 – Stage 4 • Hot rims • #2 – Stage 5, Purgatory • #3 – Stage 7, Devils Kitchen
    • Exp: #1 – Stage 6 • Yer Mom • #2 – Stage 5, Purgatory • #3 – Stage 4 • Hot rims, #4 – Stage 7, Devils Kitchen
  • 11:00 AM – Kids Race. Two stages, Point-to-Point XC from the barn to the BikeFest Dual, then Dual Slalom head-to-head races. Kids race is free and open to kids 5 to 12. Kids Race Registration will take place at the barn at 11:00 with the racing to follow.
  • 2:30 PM – Results, both daily and combined weekend podiums.
  • 4:00 PM Clean Up. Please stick around and help if you can.

Accommodations on Hornby Island

…full disclosure, the lake isn’t there any more. It was nice while it lasted.

On-site Camping
There will be a limited number of campsite spots available on-site. On-site camping is only available for registered participants and their guests. All on-site camping must be booked in advance via email. On-Site camping is a simple affair with outhouses and running water provided.
Onsite Camping will open at Noon on Friday. Camping is $10 per person for one night, $15 per person for two nights $20 per person for three nights. Kids camp free.

Off-Site Accommodations:
There are a number of great accommodation options available on Hornby. There are campsites, cabin rentals and larger vacation rental houses (usually by the week).

Campsite options on Hornby – These locations all offer additional amenities like picnic tables, showers, etc.
Fords Cove – cabins and campsites
Tribune Bay Campsite – situated adjacent Tribune Bay Provincial Park.
Fossil Beach Farm – accommodation and cider tasting.
Brad’s dad’s land – Family Campground.

Sea Breeze Lodge – Cabins and restaurant.

Vacation Rentals – There are a number of ways to book vacation rentals on Hornby. You can check out Airbnb, or Hornby’s own portal website is a great place to book a house or research Hornby’s other offerings.

BikeFest 7, 1995

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