HIMBA 2020 AGM Minutes

Here are the minutes from the HIMBA AGM that took place on October 20th at 7:30 pm.

Minutes of HIMBA AGM 2020 – Tues, Oct 20th, 7:30pm. Zoom

The meeting commenced at 7:35 with 15 members in attendance:
Jill Candlish
Peggy Kabush
Tom Rutherford
Dennis Kabush
Jennifer Fletcher
Jeremy Payne
Alan Fletcher
Cameron Duke
Steve Gillespie
Rob Zelinski
Jennifer Armstrong
Brett Martens
Fabrizio (Tig) Cross
Sasha Lebaron (joined late).
Will Wood McDonnell

President’s Report – Jill Candlish
Jill reported on the overall activities of the association in 2020. We have an
increasingly important role to play as an advisory body to Parks and Trails
Committee since mtn biking has become so popular with more activity and
accidents on the trails. We are taking steps to increase gender equity on our
board and committees.

Treasurer’s Financial Report – Sasha Lebaron
We have $14,000 in bank account, an incoming cheque of $3,300 for the
Shipping container and several incoming donations of $2000 and $1,000. (note,
Tig received a cheque from another donor for $500 after the meeting).

Bike Skills Park Report – Jennifer Armstrong, Steve Gillespie
We are moving forward with the re-creation of the Bike Skills Park at Joe King.
We have hired an expert Skill Park Designer Ryan Bowland, and he will begin
work on the new skills park on November 2nd. Himba will cover his work hours,
accomodation, machine rental and materials costs for the project.
Projected Budget for BSP Project:
Ryan’s Work Day Rate $400/day up to 18 days $7200
Machine Rental, 1 month $2750 $2750
Transport (AFC will deliver both ways, saves $1200) 0
Accommodation, 1 month $1500 $1500
Materials, Signage, Misc. $1500 $1500

Total $12,950
Motion – Jennifer Motioned and Jill seconded that HIMBA approve the projected
budget for the Skill Park Upgrade. The motion carried unanimously.

Budget for Upcoming Year was looked at but not discussed:
Projected Budget for Expenses 2021
Total – $3000
$1500 map
$500 signage/trail vol. days
$1000 Miscellaneous, eg. Website (upgrade for donations)

Trails Committee Report – Tom Rutherford
Trails Volunteer Update – Tom updated on trails that have been worked on,
plans for future work, and mentioned the Adopt-a-Trail program.
P&T Liaison report – Regional District representative will be coming over to
review black diamond trails and signage. Sasha commented that the P&T Comm
will await Himba’s response before they make a decision on the BIke Camps
proposal. Sasha also mentioned that he will be stepping off of the P&T Comm in
the near future.

Trail Character Spreadsheet and Map
Tig reviewed the extensive
consultation and updating process of these. Their importance was reiterated as
tools for communication with the P&T committee as well as with the public trail
users. The map is also a fundraiser, and Tig mentioned the larger wall version as
a possible future fundraiser.

New Business and Discussions:

Signage on trails:
There was discussion regarding trail signage. While some felt that signage could
be added or made more clear in specific instances, (such as for safety issues
such as on gap jumps and black diamond features), the general consensus was
that we need to be careful to avoid too much and end up with “sign pollution”
that many felt would detract from the experience of being in nature.

Mtn. Bike Camps Proposal :
Two documents were provided: Chris’ proposal
outline and synopsis of Himba board’s previous discussion points. The pros and
cons of MTB camps on Hornby were discussed at length. Steve vouched for the
character of the applicant and felt that he could be counted on to produce a
camp that was sensitive to the concerns many Hornby-based riders have
regarding trail degradation and crowding on the trails. There were still many
concerns voiced regarding off-island commercial use of trails, over-promotion of
tourism, and further changing the character of the trails and community.
The general feeling was very mixed at this time and letters/emails of
support/concern were invited to be sent to Himba or P&T Comm. It was
determined that we would table a decision for a later meeting.

Election of HIMBA Board & Executive.
HIMBA will attempt to bring gender balance to our board and committees
wherever possible. Elected to the board, and subsequently elected by
acclamation to Executive:
Jill Candlish (President)
Jeremy Payne (Vice-President)
Peggy Kabush (Treasurer)
Fabrizio (Tig) Cross (Secretary)
Tom Rutherford
Taio Samuel
Cam Duke
Will Wood McDonnell
Jennifer Armstrong

After many years our treasurer, Sasha LeBaron stepped down from the position
and was thanked.

Motion – Fabrizio Cross motioned that signing authority for the HIMBA bank
account be transferred from Sasha LeBaron to Peggy Kabush. Fabrizio Cross
will remain as a second authorized signer. Jill Candlish seconded the motion.
The motion carried unanimously.

Set Committees:
As we move forward HIMBA will try to increase efficiency through engaged
committees that meet on a regular schedule and report at board meetings.
Below, committees are described and members listed. Note that non-board
members are welcome on Committees. eg. Brett Martens and Steve Gillespie.
Trails Committee ( Trails character and mapping, volunteer work coordination,
Liaison to P&T Comm)
Tom (chair), Cam, Fabrizio (Tig), Jennifer, Taio, Brett
Finance Committee (Treasury, budgets, oversee fund raising)
Peggy (chair), Tig, Jill
Bike Skills Park (completion, maintenance, insurance, liaison with HIAA)
Jennifer (Chair), Jeremy, Tig, Brett and Steve
Membership Engagement Committee (Website & social media,
Tig (co-chair with Jeremy), Will, Taio, Brett

President’s Closing Remarks : Thank you to Mike Heys and Alan Fletcher for
their generous donations to the Bike Skills Park fund. Adjournment at 9:30pm.

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