New Work on the BikeFest Dual Slalom

After several weeks of work on the Joe Ride Bike Park at Joe King, there was a bit of machine time left and Ryan and Steve decided to put it into the BikeFest Dual Slalom track at the head of Strachan Valley. What a transformation! while the original footprint has not changed, the complete track has has undergone a major improvement. It is now possible for two riders to battle it out over the entire course as each has their own lane for the majority of the track. The berms, jumps and slalom section are all much bigger and better engineered for safer take-off and landings, and the racing will be very exiting to watch.

The bumps heading into the last big jump

There was a HIMBA work party on the 29th of December to begin the fine tuning, thanks to everyone who came out. There will be lots more work before the course if ready for racing so stay tuned for future work parties.

part of the crew

Thanks to everybody who made it out on the 29th to tune up the DS. Wow, good timing, if we had gone for the 30th we would have been under water.

Two Lanes, no waiting

If you’ve not yet checked it out you must go up and take a look. It is still a bit soft, but there are ridable lines.

the new work was inspected during the heavy rains of December 30th and 31st, and while there was some water running down the slalom section, it drains pretty well. The DS is built on a porous gravel slope which has natural drainage.

A big round if thanks to Ryan and Steve for making this and the Joe Ride Bike Park happen.

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